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February Status Report

I have become some sort of writing machine!

I was very happy with my progress in January and now I am feeling goooooood about February.

Last night I finished chapter 12. And I love the way it ended.

It was a peculiar chapter because I took Crystal through 3 different scenes and settings. I don’t normally move through that many scenes in one chapter, for no particular reason other than its just how I write.

I’m a faithful user of the three-little-star scene-breaker punctuation device… Oh it’s just easier to show you; like this.

*   *   *

I learnt it from Robin Jarvis – my favourite author! (You must read his latest books Dancing Jax and Freax and Rejex, you simply must faithful reader! I promise they will not disappoint!) The first series of books that ever affected me were his Tales from the Wyrd Museum and if I ever had the pleasure of meeting him I would tell him just how much his writing means to me.


I like my scenes to have an end, and that end to have a little beat or cliff hanger, not dissimilar to the way a scene ends in a TV show.

Sometimes the chapters I find the most difficult to write tend to be the ones with lots of scenes.

It’s almost a sign that I’m struggling with a chapter when there are lots of scenes. Like my fingers are dancing these characters around to try to get them where I need them to be.

But the strange thing is, these chapters somehow end up being my favourite.

In the last book I wrote I was stuck on Chapter 8. And when I say stuck, I mean stuck for months! Val came to my rescue there with some amazing insight into one character that sent me off in the direction I was aiming for but didn’t know how to get too.

Funnily enough, chapter 8 in this book saw me struggle too. Both were natural pauses in the story which is a strange coincidence, and whenever I go back and read either of them I am filled with that “oh I remember you” feeling.

The scenes in Chapter 12 were difficult in a way because there was a lot of exposition to get through. And whilst I knew what the exposition was, telling it neatly and clearly was always going to be a struggle.

But I like it. It’s the scene that I talked about in an early blog that I had to move to the hobbit-type-hole; Leo uses his mobile to do his research. And the humour I had planned works quite well. I’ll be interested to see if others find the funny funny.

Then there was the Goosebumps moment (Yay!) and it was quickly followed by another difficult scene.

It was time for Crystal to speak to her aunts. She had been stubborn and silent for long enough. It was time to let them back in slightly, and get the house talking again. But this time there’s no secrets. Crystal starts a conversation that only briefly touches on what the aunts kept from her for so long, but it was enough to start the ball rolling and opens the door for more communication in subsequent chapters.

I’m happy with it. I’m also happy with how it leads into the the final scene of the chapter; Crystal meets the Collector. And it’s such a brief meeting.

So few words are uttered but so much meaning is implied. Or at least if I’ve done my job right, then that’s what will come across.

Fantastic to have a new character to write for. And such an ambiguous character too. Delish!

So that’s where I am. Two more chapters done in another month. If I keep this up I’ll be on track to meet my deadline of January 2014.

I’m factoring in a lot of time for editing. I remember how long the last book took… And how painful it was.