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What if I told you that it was done?

What if after all this time, Crystal Green Book 1 was finished?

What if the Moon Machine was ready?

After three years, it’s complete. 

Well, I say complete…

Here’s the thing. Once I’m happy it will be done. And these really are the final tweaks now. I have just this moment sent the complete manuscript to my Kindle for it’s final read. Exciting!

My only concern is this:

What is written is correct. Punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure… these things I am unlikely to change now unless the BETA readers notice anything that I haven’t… which is very likely because I think I am too close to it. I need those readers to see the story with fresh eyes.


  • Have I missed opportunites?
  • Are the clues evenly spaced and sufficiently teased at? Or are there massive info-dumps in-between pretty descriptions?
  • Is the shape of the story correct? Or should things be in a different order?
  • I’m also left wondering if there is something missing from the story itself… something a bit more scary…

So, basically I am left with some questions that need answering. I am about to embark on a read of the story as it is. But with all of these questions in mind!

After my blog yesterday about Opening Chapters, I have edited mine slightly. I have made the opening sentence much more powerful than its painfully mediocre predecessor (check out that description!!)

And, actually it has changed the shape of the chapter ever so slightly. In turn, the next scene opens slightly differently and is a much more successful transition.

Also I noticed a theme which I knew was there but now is more apparent to me – this makes me happy. Upon reading the rest of the book now, wherever else I encounter this theme, it will stand out more and I will decided whether what is there is sufficient or whether it needs a bit more emphasis.

A successful day at the laptop!




Tis The Season to Pause Editing

An update: AT LAST

Crystal Green is moving forwards now rather well, despite the fact that IT’S CHRISTMAS!

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The Birth of Chapter 20

True to Auntie Sis’ word, Crystal was escorted to and from school over the next few weeks. There was a severe lack of sunshine and a very present overcast, and as the days got colder and darker, she wondered when her punishment would be over.

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The Last Day: Maggie

I always intended to revisit Maggie. Back when I wrote Episode One and John was having that conversation with his wife, I knew that Maggie’s day was a traumatic one (unfortunately for her, it gets worse).

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The Last Day: Avoidance

Almost immediately after publishing Episode One, I set out to write Episode Two. The first four parts came quite easily. But then I paused. My pause seemed to extend passed the normal length of time acceptable to still be considered a pause; I had stopped. It wasn’t writers block. It was avoidance. Episode Two was designed as a new writing challenge. And I had perhaps challenged myself a little too well only two episodes in.

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