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6 Months To Go


Well faithful reader friends, we have reached the half way point. I have completed 6 months of work on Crystal Green and the Moon Machine, and in 6 months time the book will be completed. Did you notice how confident, commanding and sure I am in that last sentence?

I’ve achieved a reasonable amount but not quite as much as I thought I’d have completed by now. Mainly due to the months off of writing which happened by accident recently. But that can’t be helped now. No point in looking back any more; must look forwards.

Well, OK, let me just look back a teeny-tiny bit for a minute – indulge me reader friends.

I have reached Chapter 15 and in the narrative it is now Halloween; a very significant chapter. I embarked on a little break down of what has to happen in this chapter not so long ago, so an outline exists! But once I started note taking and putting all of my thoughts in order, I found that I just came away with my head spinning and achy.

I have started my note-collation (see previous post) and I must say that it is helping. Head is feeling emptier and lighter; actually this is a good piece of advice for you fellow writer friends – get the mad and bonkers, what I call “Story-Stuff” out of your head and onto paper. Once there, your mind may rest easy in the knowledge that you aren’t going to have to keep constantly reminding yourself of all of those intricate twists and turns.

Having it on paper helps too by allowing you to move past that particular story-beat and lets your mind wander a bit to figure out the next part.

I know it seems presumptuous to be thinking of future books whilst writing this one, but it actually is vital; probably most importantly because it’s a great feeling to have a character at your finger tips which you are molding, shaping, testing, loving, hating etc etc and to know where the character goes helps to give meaning to what you are writing.

For example: Last night, between the hours of 3am and 6am when sleep completely abandoned me, I figured out what happens to Elsie Bond in book 7. It is by extension what happens to Leo Clarke too. So that’s 2 characters with 2 possible destinations – I plan book 7 to be the last Crystal Green book.

Having that destination for Elsie and Leo has helped me in writing them now. They are young and care free but won’t stay that way for long…

Things are clicking into place as far as plot is concerned now. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Chapter 15 and possibly 16 mark the end of ‘Part 2’ of this novel. It is not necessarily going to be ‘parted’ in the final version of the book, but once the things happen in these chapters happen, it completes the middle section of the story.

After that, it’s a race to the finish. The final act is where we get answers to questions, along with a whole lot more questions. And the ending is always fun to write; the ending of a book is why you write one.

Going to give every ounce of my being to not let the ‘natural-pause’ break happen once this part is completed. I have to throw myself into the last part to reach my deadline. After all, this is still draft 1 and I haven’t done any editing yet… Actually that’s a white lie. In reading it again on my Kindle I am hi-lighting passages and mistakes and adding notes as I go. So that’s the editing started.

The funny thing is, I am enjoying re-reading it. I think there is some really good stuff in there. It feels and reads much better than my first attempt at writing a book… But that’s a blog for another day.