Town Tales

1361800321_0Back in 2013 I was given the opportunity to write a weekly column in my local paper the Llanelli Star. It was a real test of my writing ability. To make a point, justify it and then conclude it within 250 words proved quite the challenge. But I thoroughly enjoyed my stint as a columnist.

My Town Tales column ran

April – October 2013.



Till Supervisor Mike is an aspiring author who describes himself as a sci-fi geek, reader and cake maker.

The former Bryngwyn pupil will write on a variety of topics to keep readers entertained, with the odd bit of nostalgia thrown in too. 

I’m quite proud of some of my columns. The one that stands out for me is the one I wrote about my grandmother after she sadly passed away. If nothing else, my column allowed me the chance to honour her in print. Pun intended.

I WRITE this column in my study, knowing that the sun doesn’t shine quite as brightly anymore.

Last week, we waved goodbye to my grandmother. She passed peacefully after all of those nearest and dearest to her had held her hand, kissed her on the forehead and said “I love you”.

She was a wonderful woman; so kind, thoughtful and wicked.

She was a religious woman. She believed in God and her faith was with her till the end. She loved to read and always told me that you’re never alone if you’ve got a good book. It was her that made me want to become a writer.

I remember going to her house after school and she would teach me how to spell tricky words like ‘beautiful’; that she was.

She loved tennis. After school we would have our tea, which was often copious amounts of toast made with brown bread and marmalade — the best combination — and if Wimbledon wasn’t on it was Ready Steady Cook and Neighbours.

And the cure for all of life’s ills was a cup of tea. Everything was better with a nice cup of tea. This is good advice; she was a nurse after all.

I was listening to KT Tunstall’s new song and the lyrics really summed up how I feel about my Nana Gwyn: “Do you know what you’ve done for me? You made my branches grow. Now they can play with the wind and they can carry the snow.”

Rest now Nana.




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