The Last Day

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This is the way that it is.

We live.

We receive our moment.

Then we die.

What will we do in our final hours?

These are our last days. 

The Last Day

The Last Day is a series of short stories set in South Wales. Set in a not too distant future where the LDA (Last Day Agency) govern who will die and when. How would you live today, if you knew it was your last?

Each episode of The Last Day will centre around a different character living out their final day alive. So many choices. So many questions. In a world where we know when our time is up, how should we live?

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The Last Day: Episode One


John receives his moment at breakfast. Like so many of us. But it’s what he chooses to do next that defines him. How he handles himself in those final hours will determine how he will be remembered. This is his last day.

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The Last Day: Episode Two


Victor is alone. A widower. A stranger appears on his doorstep one morning with a letter. A letter from the past. The bringer of the letter is an Agent from the LDA (Last Day Agency) posed with the task of staying with Victor and waiting. For his moment. For his death.

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