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Column – Nana

Hey guys,

Still writing the weekly column for the Llanelli Star. No idea what number this is now, but it’s one that’s close to my heart.

Give it a read…

Memories of Nana

Auntie An, Nana Gwyn, Me, Nana Ve and Auntie Helen
Auntie An, Nana Gwyn, Me, Nana Ve and Auntie Helen

Columns #3 & #4

Column #3

Column #4

Here is column number 3 in which I became a Kindle owner.

You can read the column by going to the Town Tales page.

There’s also a little blog about my new found love for my Kindle here…

Column number 4 is a piece about my love of shopping in markets!

The recent programme on BBC1 which followed the life of the stall holders in Swansea Market which was filmed over the festive period last year, was such a good insight into the workings of the market.

We should all be getting behind our local businesses and supporting our local tradesman.

Plus markets are so much nicer than super-stores!

May? Already?

So this year seems to be flying! May already.

At the start of this year I was doing so well with my writing, and now I seem to have let it slip through my fingers. I have no routine, that’s what’s wrong, I know it. The thing about being out of a routine is that it’s very difficult to get back into one…

But instead of dwelling on my failings, I am instead going to focus on the positives. At this very moment I am amidst a day off work and I have already achieved a lot. Procrastination you say? Never heard of it.

I know I’m supposed to be sat at my computer writing, but because I am not in the zone, I am actively trying to stay away. I can’t put it off for much longer… In an attempt to throw myself back into it, I turned on the computer and got myself comfy…

Before I knew it the washing was done and put away. I had a sort-out of the clothes that I haven’t worn for ages and have bagged them up and put them up the attic. J and I have also tidied up the spare room and have banished lots of stuff to the attic, and in doing so have almost claimed our spare room back; I say almost.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of bargains I have bought already this year ready for Christmas. This year I am determined for it to be a bargain and not an expense, as usual. So the plan is thus, say it with me, HAMPERS. Baskets and parcels filled with lots of little lovely things which haven’t cost a lot, but will hopefully be appreciated. I was going to get myself a little notebook and pen and set about making lists of what I’ve bought, how much it cost and whom it is intended for. But then I remembered that I was supposed to be writing.

I turned on the laptop (AGAIN) and sat down. Then I decided that I was cold. So I have donned a woolen jumper and lit all the candles in the room. It is still daytime, all-be-it a dark grey day, but day nonetheless. So as unusual as it is to light candles, it is amazing how much heat they give off! Also, it is time to start trying to save money on the heating bill.

So I sat back down and decided that I needed a cuppa. I have recently (as in 2 days ago) switched to decaf tea. I have been having headaches again and J had an idea that perhaps all the caffeine I am ingesting might not be helping. So I am currently drinking decaf Yorkshire tea, and I have to say I can’t tell the difference. So that’s caffeine kicked, for now anyway.

So I sat back down and realised that I haven’t blogged for a while, a long while actually. So I opened the dashboard and had a little play around. That’s the thing about having a blog, it is the ultimate procrastination. You can spend hours trying to figure out how you want your blog to look, or it does me anyway because I often know what I want something to look like but struggle to get it there. My blog, right now, is just how I want it to be. I like the layout and the look.

Today I added a page. Town Tales is a little doorway (aside to camera a-la-Miranda – Rude!) to my column in my local paper The Llanelli Star. I couldn’t figure out how to have a page where only certain blog posts get posted. I wanted the Town Tales page to be where I posted my column for you to read, and the Crystal Green page to be about my book. But that was beyond me. So instead I created a little doorway (aside to camera a-la-Miranda – Cheeky!), I’m also very pleased with calling it that, and that little doorway (aside to camera a-la-Miranda – Naughty!) explains where to go to read it.

Then I decided to write a little blog about my little doorway (aside to camera a-la-Miranda – Look now you’ve had your filthy little giggle, can we be grown ups please?)

And here we are! Here I sit, comfortable, warm, thirst quenched, blog altered and post almost written, nothing else to do in the house other than wrap my brother in law’s birthday presents, iron my uniform for tomorrow and make some lunch to take with me. But instead of doing these I am here writing. Once this is done I plan to actually open chapter 14 and write the next scene.

Wish me luck!!!

Doofus Monkey cup filled with decaf tea and surrounded by candles
Doofus Monkey cup filled with decaf tea and surrounded by candles

Column #1


This week saw my first ever article published in the Llanelli Star as part of it’s relaunch.

Read all about how I got involved here: Llanelli Star

Here’s a link to my humble column. Hope you all enjoy!

Column #1 – Llanelli Star, Wednesday 17th April 2013


Llanelli Star

Well I have some news my faithful reader friends and happen-to-pass-by-ers.

I am about to be published!

My local paper The Llanelli Star is having a major revamp. They were looking for local writers to write columns. And after sending them several potential articles for their perusal I’ve been lucky enough to be selected!

I now have a weekly column in The Llanelli Star!

It’s so exciting and slightly nerve racking I must admit, but overall I’m just so chuffed that they’d even consider me to be a part of it!

The new look paper is going to be fab! Loads of new features and a great new design which just lifts the whole experience. I love how it’s reaching out into the community and bringing us all together.

So yes, tomorrow my first article gets published! I’m not sure whether they are going to be online too, but if they are I will post a little link! Let you all know what’s happening in my little corner of the world!