No Pressure Writing Project 2018

Hi guys,

So I’ve been away from writing for a while. No surprise there. I think I needed some space to be honest. I finished writing a novel last year (at least I think it was last year, I can’t be 100% sure) and then had a little break. I wanted some distance from it. During that distance, I questioned myself endlessly about the ‘finished draft’ and realised that I may have made some rookie mistakes. Or, at least, errors in judgement regarding my finished product.

I thought I might get to grips with the changes I wanted to make in Nanowrimo 2017, and I started well… all of 3 days of writing… before I gave up. I didn’t intentionally give up, but I stopped writing and that’s all that matters.

Whilst I have shelved the writing part of my brain, I’ve been reading lots and living my life. I started a YouTube channel and it has taken until now for even the idea of writing to re-surface.

But it has.

My plan is to not have a plan. I have an image in my head, a starting point for a possible story, and I’ve decided to just see where it takes me. Kind of like when musicians jam or improvise, or like when an artist doodles, or even how rappers freestyle. I have no clue if it will even amount to anything, but I’m excited to see where it takes me. I’m hoping that with no pressure, something beautiful is created.

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