When You Love A Book

You know when you love a book so much that you cannot put it down?

I am experiencing that at the moment with Sarah Driver’s The Huntress: Sea published by Egmont.

Lets be honest, how often does this happen?

Sometimes you can love a book after you’ve read it. Or you can love a series of books once you’re done reading them. Lets use Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials as an example. I love those books, but I don’t remember loving them as I read them. I feel immense love for them now, but only after I’ve read them all.

Sometimes you know you’re going to love a book before you get it. As was the case with the last three of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books. I read the first four all in one go and at that point in time, the last three books didn’t exist. So the world and I had to wait. But I cannot say that I loved as them as I read them – maybe on the second, third, fiftieth read of them, but not that first time.

But the love that you feel for a book whilst you are reading it has a very different taste. There’s that rare moment when you realise that you’re caught between not physically being able to put the book down, and forcing yourself to take breaks because you don’t want the book or your experience of reading it to end.

That has happened to me only a few times in my 33 years on this earth. One of them was Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games – I am filled with memories of being curled up in a chair that I no longer own which had ginormous cushioned arms that hugged you if you sat astride it rather than head-on. It was in front of the patio doors with a cup of tea by my side and that book in my lap. I devoured it. I tried my best to calm down but the questions that book made me ask about the society of Panem (and indeed our own) and spurred on by Katniss who just pulls you into her mind… that book made me love it whilst I read it.

Similarly, Paula Hawkins’ The Girl On The Train just engrossed me. I am in a different house now reading this one for the first time. I am on my grey sofa, my knees bent and my feet up and I didn’t even consider turning on the telly for a couple of days. Rachel – you sort of want to shake her, but with love. You want her to stop meddling but you also want her to solve the mystery. There were so many twists and ooh-moments in this one. A proper page turner.

I cannot bang on enough about Robin Jarvis’ Dancing Jax trilogy, specifically Freax and Rejex which just had me addicted from the go. So far removed from the first volume, F&R takes us to a magical concentration camp for children. And the hell those children go through there felt traumatic. There are a couple of moments in this book that shocked me. I am not easily shocked – I have a bit of a problem in that I tend to work out the ending before it happens. But with this one, those moments that shocked me still shock me. I love that book – as well as the third volume Fighting Pax, which I proper ration-read; I didn’t want it to end!

And now, Sarah Driver is taking me on a voyage in The Huntress: Sea. I should confess that I bought it in Waterstones because of three reasons:

  1. The cover is stunning!
  2. They had a stand of the books at the till with a little review that said “A cross between Northern Lights and How To Train Your Dragon.”
  3. The guy who worked there was reading it too and he bigged it up.



I am just about to begin Part 2 (Chapter 16) and I am in love. I just tried to watch something on Netflix with some lunch. I started on Gilmore Girls, had a quick slide into Jessica Jones, followed by a dose of Big Bang, culminating with a dollop of Iron Fist; but alas I lasted about 60 seconds in each before I turned it off and turned my head to see the waves on the cover of The Huntress: Sea shimmering at me.

I am all in Sarah Driver. I am loving this novel as I read it. I will review once I am done.


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