1000 Words

Writing is hard. There are so many difficult stages of the writing process.There seems to be so many walls in the way of getting your story into the minds of readers. Some of these walls are hurdles that the writer has little control over (e.g. getting an agent or publisher or book deal) but a lot of these walls are personal and specific to the writer.

I have many walls in my way. I feel like I’m stood with a tall bricked structure right in front of me. It’s dark here. There’s just lines and lines of red brick held together with such strength that I can’t even grasp how my pen, pencil or laptop will allow me to smash through it.

And the worst part? I know that if I somehow do manage to tap the right bricks with my wand and an opening presents itself for me to walk through, I’ll just be stood in front of another tall wall.

WALL 1: Time

There is never enough time to write. I can’t seem to get a balance between working full time, going to the gym, getting all my domestic tasks done, spending time with my partner, friends and family, building Lego… how do other writers do it?


I have an idea. On my days off, my plan is to take my laptop to a coffee shop and get some time away from everything else to get some writing done. I hope to spend just a few hours there caffeinated and creative.

WALL 2: Getting in the Mood

Once I am at the coffee shop sat with my large skinny sugar free vanilla latte, laptop on, headphones in (I think that’s probably best)… How do I get in the zone? How can I insure that I’ll spend my time wisely and not just deciding on a writing playlist or whether it’s wise to have a caramel slice?


1000 Words.

I have started a little creative project whereby I have given myself story options. So the problem with being 15 chapters into the editing process of my novel is that it’s not terribly exciting or creative. The exciting bit for me is creating characters and stories out of nothing. So my plan is this…

When I think of an idea for a new story, I give it 1000 Words. I allow myself the time to sit down and allow that idea to come to terms with the page. After I have written 1000 words I will file it away for when that particular mood strikes.

I have a few ideas already written up and each of these stories is of very different tone to the next; I have a thriller, a comedy and a drama. That way, whatever mood I am in on that day, I should be able to open one of these files and get some work done.

WALL 3:Completion

I find it so hard to follow through on any writing project. How can I finish my novel and get it out there for people to read? Why can’t I just finish it!?!?!?

ANSWER: Commit!!!!!!

If I can get writing into my routine I am confident that I can finish what I’ve started. If I can manage to get away from everything and set aside that time for writing, and actually get writing again… once the creative juices are flowing I am sure that I will get back in the game. Well, one hopes.

If I can commit to one or two days a week where I start my day on my laptop surrounded by no distractions, I will get writing again. I will finish this novel and work on new projects. I will do this. I can’t keep calling myself a writer without actually writing anything. It’s just dragging me down. I’ve sort of gone past the guilty phase now. It’s like I’ve well and truly dried up creatively and forgotten that it’s more than a past-time or a pipe-dream, it’s more than just wanting to tell stories; it’s a part of me. It’s something that I can’t change about myself and I just want to finish my novel!!!!

I should be feeling positive and good that I have a plan and I’m moving forward with it, but sadly I don’t. Right now I feel crappy that I’ve let it go for so long. And I just need to shut up whining and get on with it!!


***BTW the image above is my gorgeous nephew Jacob who I happened to catch having a whingy moment – not unlike me writing this blog right now! Directly after that picture was taken he was all smiles and laughs and clapping. Let’s hope that once this is published the same thing will happen to me!!




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