Tis The Season to Pause Editing

An update: AT LAST

Crystal Green is moving forwards now rather well, despite the fact that IT’S CHRISTMAS!

I am in full-on edit-mode.

Currently working on Chapter 15 (of 23) and once this edit is complete I will be rocking and rolling onto the final 3 (or 4) chapters. 



Feeling very good about it at the moment. This read-through has really helped me see: clarity. I’ve been quite ruthless and the distance I’ve had from it has allowed me to cut and change more freely than I anticipated. 

Despite all this progress, I’m afraid I see a pause looming in the form of the festive season. And I’m not going to apologise or feel guilty about this.


Writing this novel has finally become part of my daily routine (OK maybe not daily; but every-other-daily) so a brief pause whilst work hours get longer (oh the joy of being a retail worker) and the social calendar gets fuller (we have multiple Christmas Do’s, a Christmas party and a wedding!) and of course all those additional Christmas jobs (shopping, wrapping, cooking…)

I feel the pause is not only justified but necessary.



I will of course tweet if any editing happens… follow me @MJHONOUR 

But in reality, I feel my twitter feed will mostly be festive food and drink. Maybe some decorations. Definitely a few selfies.


I feel assured though that moving into 2016 I am on the home stretch. This novel has been a beast of a baby and it’s almost birthing time!

have your elves a merry little christmas!

Hugs and Love!



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