New Year, New Me


Well, it’s been a while. Like, a long while. If you are still there, hello faithful reader friends. If you have gone, well I don’t blame you. There hasn’t been an awful lot to read on here. But hopefully, I am going to tempt you back, back onto my blog, back into my life and back into Crystal Green.

In short, I haven’t advanced in my writing in the last 6 months. But we aren’t going to dwell. We are both looking and moving forward into 2014 with a fresh and open mind. Writing will be happening, I just have to figure out how to slot it in to my new lifestyle.

These last 6 months have seen me take control of my body and weight. I have found exercise and am currently 53.5 lbs lighter than I was in May last year, when I started dieting and stopped writing.

So I’m going to find a way to balance writing and keeping active. And working. And resting. And loving my partner. And celebrating with family. And friends.

I have 5 weddings to attend this year. And all of my oldest friends are turning 30.

But it’s all good, coz I will find balance and I will conclude the first instalment in the Crystal Green series. I hope you will all join me on my writing journey. It’s going to be fun. And hopefully a little magical too.

Happy New Year!