The Liebster Award: Part 2


As I mentioned in this previous post, I was nominated for a Liebster Award! The 4 terms of acceptance are –

1) Post 11 random facts about yourself (here)

2) Answer 11 questions posed by the nominator (here)

3) Make up 11 more questions for your nominees (below)

4) Nominate 11 more blogs (further below)

11 Questions for Nominees

1) What’s your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

2) Where do you go to achieve calm?

3) Who is your favourite Doctor Who companion?

4) If you could be a bird, what would you be?

5) If Cavemen and Astronauts got into a fight, who would win?

6) If you could be an X-Man who would you be?

7) What do you believe in?

8) What’s your most embarrassing moment?

9) If you won the lottery, how many Kitchen Aid mixers would be too many?

10) What scares you?

11) Which film has made you cry the most?

And the Nominees are…


The Reporter and The Girl

Pop Culture Boner

Independent Ethos

The Crafters Cottage

The Hearty Herbivore

The Moonlight Baker

Craft Schmaft

101 Books

Write Meg

The Read Room

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