Llanelli Star

Well I have some news my faithful reader friends and happen-to-pass-by-ers.

I am about to be published!

My local paper The Llanelli Star is having a major revamp. They were looking for local writers to write columns. And after sending them several potential articles for their perusal I’ve been lucky enough to be selected!

I now have a weekly column in The Llanelli Star!

It’s so exciting and slightly nerve racking I must admit, but overall I’m just so chuffed that they’d even consider me to be a part of it!

The new look paper is going to be fab! Loads of new features and a great new design which just lifts the whole experience. I love how it’s reaching out into the community and bringing us all together.

So yes, tomorrow my first article gets published! I’m not sure whether they are going to be online too, but if they are I will post a little link! Let you all know what’s happening in my little corner of the world!


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