I’ve done it. I’ve embraced technology and taken the plunge. I’m now a kindle owner.

My other half bought it for me on a random shopping trip to buy some chicken to make fajitas for tea. Talk about being spoilt!

I’ve been holding back getting one because of my love for books. Real life books with paper and ink and pictures and the smell. I love the smell.

I even teased some good friends of mine when they first got their kindles and now have to honourably eat my words.

Every year I get my friend Val a book for her birthday. And every year I write on the inside cover a little inscription. That’s not going to change. I think I’ve been clinging to the belief that you are either a kindle person or a book person.

But last week another friend of mine, Chloe, reassured me that you can be both. It’s ok to have a kindle and not feel like you’re cheating on your home library.

Since then I have craved one. Then J spontaneously bought me one and I haven’t looked back. One thing I didn’t expect was to love it. I love my kindle. It’s so smooth and soft. Such a tactile machine. And I think that’s what I was afraid of losing; the very tactile nature of books.

I haven’t downloaded any books yet but I did discover that I can read documents on it. So I quickly tried it out. I sent my kindle my book. And what a marvellous experience. I am reading the book I have written on my kindle as if it is a real published novel. Can’t quite put into words how wonderful it feels.

Hopefully this is a glimpse into the future when this book will be available to all…

But more than just enjoying the experience of reading my book on the kindle, it’s actually been incredibly useful.

I’ve discovered that I have made a big boo-boo. You see, Elsie has suffered a cruel twist of fate. Whilst reading last night I couldn’t believe it when I noticed that sometimes, Elsie had become Elise. Such a silly mistake. An honest one but a mistake nonetheless.

I cannot be more embarrassed by it. Can you imagine I sent this out to prospective agents and publishers without realising that one of my main characters names keeps changing? It’s quite funny in hindsight. At least I noticed it.

I have also had some little ideas for scenes and lines that would fit nicely. And I’ve noticed a couple more grammatical errors.

The thing about reading it on the laptop is that I think it’s too easy to gloss over things like this. There are so many words on the page.

But on the kindle there’s nowhere for these mistakes to hide. Without my kindle these mistakes could have gone unnoticed.

So to kindle I am eternally grateful.

Why is great great? And grateful grateful? Why isn’t grateful greatful?

Anyway! I will be sending chapters to my kindle as they are finished from now on! Thank you kindle!! And thank you J!!!!


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