Chapter 13: Take 2

Hello faithful readers, how the devil are we?

Almost a week since my last post and despite having been in work all week, I have actually managed some writing.

Chapter 13 is becoming a bit of an epic battle. I have finished my second go which saw Albert become Alby and whilst I am feeling good for having finished it, and relatively pleased actually with how it turned out, I’m still not convinced it is right.

It may be purely because this version wasn’t my plan, or it may be because I haven’t finished the original version and its hanging over me…

I stopped because it was too dark. But I’m still not entirely sure it wasn’t right.

I have two things that I want to do. I need to finish that original chapter. I need to see it to its natural conclusion. Just for my piece of mind more than anything. It may still end up being too dark. It may still end up not being suitable. But what if it doesn’t? What if it works?

Once I’ve done that, and depending on the outcome, I sort of want to write a third draft. This third try would be an amalgamation of the two.

Alby is great. He is more accessible than Albert. So perhaps the answer is to move Alby into Albert’s chapter and see what happens.

I have also realised that in making Albert Alby, I have made a more coherent character. And his cohesive mind means that he hasn’t been able to set up the future plots as I had intended. Some of those lines of dialogue were my favourites so I’m looking forward to having another read and seeing if I can finish the original version.

Albert is holding me back!

One of the things I really like that I put into the Alby chapter is a little disagreement between Crystal and Leo. It slipped in at the end and whilst it was always planned, it wasn’t supposed to be this early. Thrilled to bits though. It only happened sooner than planned because of Alby. He provoked them to disagree which is fab! And actually it is better than my plan.

Proof that a plan is just a guide!


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