Leo Clarke

On the way to work today I had some great story thoughts.

I know it seems silly to be thinking about future books whilst I’m still unrepresented and unpublished but I cannot help myself. It would be completely ‘not me’ to stop putting stories together.

Today’s focus was Leo. He plays an important roll in The Moon Machine and where he ends up at the end of book one is good. I’m happy with his journey.

He is a character that I’m still figuring out. That sounds completely reckless and mental but he started out as a plot point at the end of book one. As I’ve said before, it’s the Geography of a story that makes all the difference. I knew I needed X to happen at the end of book one. And so Leo was created to achieve X. Of course he has become a really useful character through book one and I’m really glad he is around for me to utilise.

At the same time, his story passed X was a bit foggy until today. And I’m so happy about where he goes in books 2 and 3…

I had some plot points in my head and written down, none of which mentioned Leo at all. They were general plot points that I thought were good ideas and was ready to put them into context for book 3.

And then I thought Leo. He entered my mind and all the plot points suddenly made sense. He was the context I was looking for. A proper light-bulb-moment!



A cleverer person may have put 2 and 2 together sooner, but alas I am not that person. Of course by the time book 3 comes into fruition I will appear as that clever person as I have in fact joined the dots.

Leo was the missing link. And to think that I had his story here all along without realising it. It’s amazing how often that happens to me. Linking ideas and characters is something which makes me so happy and feel like a proper story teller.

I do enjoy this part!

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