A Tough Water To Tread

Hello faithful readers and stumbled-upon-passers-by; how the devil are you?

It has been a whole week without blogging and a whole week without writing. I’m afraid I have neglected my book something awful.

I don’t really have an excuse. Nor am I required to provide one. But incase you want one, I’ve just been working and eating and sleeping. Such is life.

Now. Book.

Tonight I have read a bit, e-mailed Alex and Val another chapter (number 4 currently titled ‘Coming Clean’ but I’m not that enamoured with it tbh) and also written a mini commentary on it for their perusal.

It’s one of those chapters that wasn’t supposed to be a chapter. It’s one long conversation that in my naivety I didn’t realise would be so long.

I love it though. It should be this long. It works. Lovely domesticity with a slight edge…

The chapter ends, however, with a dream; a tough water to tread.

A lot of writers use dream sequences in their books and a lot of the chatter online from editors and agents says that they are unnecessary and just slow down the narrative.


My last book was heavy on the dream sequences. In retrospect I think too heavy. Although that narrative depended on those dreams to bring together different people to achieve a common goal.

This dream is different. It’s there for a specific reason. Actually two reasons.

1. Crystal needs to doubt herself. So having a disjointed dream will confuse her.

2. There needed to be a reference to previous descriptions and happenings.

In short, hi lighting these events makes them important and provides a link between the then and the now.

It’s also setting up something for a subsequent book… So it’s important.

But would this story benefit from taking it out?

My gut tells me that the chapter and following chapter would work without it. With a few little changes of course. But my need to set up book 2 is winning right now; so it’s staying.

If at the end of writing this novel I deem it unnecessary, I will remove it and see how it sits without it.

What do you think? Dreams and nightmares in novels: yay or nay?


3 thoughts on “A Tough Water To Tread”

  1. I still find dream sequences to be a useful convention at times. A lot of modern schools of thought seem to get their jollies by hating on them and flashbacks and semicolons and what have you, but there are still plenty of unique and functional ways to utilize them to enhance the narrative. If it’s the cleanest, or most poetic, or most interesting way to get across the point, I see nothing wrong with it!

    1. I’ve read that about dreams and flashbacks… but semicolons? Really? I love a good semicolon! That’s it. I’m defying the masses then. Semicolons, flashbacks and dreams are in and are staying.

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