One Year To Go…

Hello faithful blog readers, followers, likers and perhaps just-stumbled-upon passers by.

Today is an important day. It marks a special occasion in my writing calendar; One Year To Go…

In one years time, I hope to have finished my book and perhaps may be on my way to letting people read it. And by people, I don’t mean unsuspecting friends and family members who will have this manuscript thrust upon them.

I’d like to say a quick THANK YOU  to all you readers, followers and likers for actually showing an interest in this little venture of mine. It is proving to actually be a lot of fun, very therapeutic and positively beneficial to my writing.

I didn’t know I had a passion for the writing process. Turns out I do and am finding it fascinating every single day. It is so satisfying to have something to blog about too. This blog in itself should create a story by default, just by following my actual story into existence.

Two for the price of one!

Today I am embarking on Chapter 11 which I will tell you the title of because I’m just feeling all warm and generous all of a sudden. It’s called Morris The Mole.

For those of you who are close friends and unsuspecting family members, you will all ready know that Morris The Mole is actually a song that my father wrote. He’s a folk musician and wrote this song when he was in his twenties, I believe. It’s a song that has followed me all of my life. And I don’t think he knew when he wrote it just how clever a song it is; lyrically as well as musically.

Those lyrics, as well as much of my family and indeed first 30 years of my life, have informed the story in this novel. The day that Morris joined my cast of characters was a momentous day. It was as if everything just fell into place. Doors opened to animals that can speak which was a huge breakthrough. I have always wanted to write a book where the animals can speak.

Chapter 11 takes us to Morris’ hole, which is a lot nicer than it sounds. The Hobbit-type-hole I have been talking about for a few posts is where Morris lives. It’s actually nothing like a Hobbit hole, but it was a universally understandable description (or it should be).

Here, Crystal is going to find a clue…

I’m not going to dwell too much more on plot. This blog is primarily about the process behind the plot. And Morris’ Hobbit-type-hole is a prime example of that.

My dad has already done the work for me! Call it laziness, call it an homage, call it genius; it is what it is. My father has described the mole’s home in such detail in his lyrics that all I have to do is transfer them to prose.

Well there’s a bit more to it than that… Morris as a character had to be fleshed out and actually I am still finding things out about him today. Marvelous things! But the roots of the idea were there. I am hoping that this book being the product of my life so far, as it is, will bridge the gap between family and friends getting a little kick out of knowing where the idea came from, and the brand new reader who will hopefully relish the way I have woven a story around these things. And I’m hoping that it’s just a little bit clever…

I am pleased with my progress so far this year. In January I have written two chapters; TWO CHAPTERS!!!! And this is blog post number eleven; ELEVEN!!!!

Can’t help but feel all positive and productive at my progress.

Positive, Productive, Progress; if I were a politician, that would be my slogan or personal mantra. It’s certainly good advice for the struggling, unpublished and unrepresented author.

So that’s it. One Year To Go. Twelve Months To Go. 52 Weeks. 365 Days.

Good grief, that isn’t long at all, is it?

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