A Quick Pre-Work Post


How dedicated to this blog am I!?

I am currently sat in the canteen at work and my shift starts in 20 minutes. The roads weren’t as bad as expected so have arrived a little sooner than originally planned.

Although I had a productive morning. Dishes done, bins changed and put out, beef in slow cooker ready for tonight’s feast along with my normal getting-ready-for-work jobs.

But the real reason I’m blogging is because I actually did some book work last night. On a work-night!

Am very pleased that I was able to open Chapter 10 and do some editing. I wasn’t quite up to some actual writing, but the read through and little edit helped me to focus on it rather than just watching telly as usual.

I did some good work. Rather than just changing sentences, words and structures, I added notes into the margin. I haven’t done this before, but I am preparing for a future blog post where I will be dissecting my writing process on a whole other level.

The notes I made are thoughts, feeling, choices, decisions and a general commentary on what I’ve changed and why I’ve changed it.

Much happier with it.

So I’ve called that my Second Pass and have realised that the Third Pass is going to be adding more descriptions which will set the scene a bit better. For example, so far I have focused on the main characters and their conversation. But I need to make the secondary characters fit in more.

Looking forward to it!

Right, work is calling.


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