It has just occurred to me that in a few days time I will be returning to work. This probably means that there will be less frequent blog-postage.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a lot I can do about it. Work takes up time; and a boy has to pay his bills!

But don’t fret, the January enthusiasm is sticking and I am going to push forwards with this book and its development. I have the WordPress App so can blog on the go; even if this means just a quote or picture. Any ideas that come to me whilst out and about may find their way directly to the blog rather than into a note on my phone.

Today I had a coffee with Alex which turned into a 4 hour conversation filled with gossip, opinions, work and book. It was fab! We completely put the world to rights. We went to a cafe in Llanelli where you can buy art and drink coffee; Gallery Art & Coffee = amazing! (follow their tweets @galleryllanelli) It was also lovely to get out into the Winter air and tread through the snow; driving wasn’t too bad either.

I will attempt to write at least a few nights a week. Think I will carry my diary around with me too, just in case inspiration hits.

Last night I sorted through my time-issue. Four weeks of narrative have been filled and actually do make sense.

I also realised something profoundly obvious that I seemed to miss out of my original plan. A little something new which has invigorated me again to continue writing. Sometimes a writer really does need to exercise the creating-muscle.

It’s so inspiring to make-up something brand new to put into your story. I think the only reason I miss these things out of my plans first time around is because I have quite a large cast of characters in this novel. It is easy to miss a beat for some characters sometimes. But then it’s also very exciting when you realise you have missed a moment for that character and you find a way to do that character justice by writing something good in for them.

Look at me, talking as if these characters are alive. But they are, you see; in my head.

Last night, I also found the voice of The Collector; a character that is going to make their first appearance in a few chapters time. A character that I must confess I haven’t given too much thought too.

Let me explain. I know their purpose. I know their direction. I know where they end up at the end of this novel. I know their motivation. I know their tastes. I know where they live. I know the type of person they are. I know where they’ve come from. I know what’s driven them to this point. I know what will ultimately be their undoing. I even know where this character will be after this novel…

But last night, I found their voice. I found how they speak and what kind of things they would choose to speak about; the mere fact that they choose to speak the way they do was a breakthrough. This is going to be a calculating character and one that I didn’t realise until last night I am very excited to write for. They are somebody who withholds themselves from people in the most basic ways. And I know why, and cannot wait to explore that with the reader.

This of course makes them more difficult to write; but all the more fun!

It’s interesting that the characters with a not-so-straight-forward-morality are the ones I enjoy the most. I had one of them in my last novel and still to this day love him so much! I vow to one day do that story justice purely in order to do justice to that character; a man who is ambiguous at the best of times. If I do my job right, you will never know where you are with him; you will always be second guessing him and his motives and I loved writing that!

To me, The Collector is going to be similar in tone; although I think perhaps a bit more bitchy…

After all this talk of characters, I find myself struggling slightly to find the voice of the Lord of The Wood. He needs to click into place for me. Again, I know his history, motivation, where he ends up, how he ends up there, what he has to say… but not how to say it. I think it may be a case of just starting the chapter and pressing on.

Maybe his voice will find me.

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