The Start of Something Beautiful

E-mail from Mike 8/1/13



I am writing to you with an idea. It is not necessarily a new idea, but I think it’s a good idea and a good idea is an idea worthy of doing.

You know the ill fated ‘Book Club With A Difference’? Well, it didn’t work. I don’t know if it was a format thing, or just pure laziness on my behalf. But the roots of that site have merit. I believe that sharing in the writing process is important; and an important tool in focusing me into achieving… something; anything!

2013 is going to be a good year. A year of productive authoring and blogging. And I feel that those go hand-in-hand.

Speaking of hand-in-hand, will you join me?

You both were so incredibly instrumental in the bringing about of my first novel (however ill fated) and I could not have done it without you. But I’m asking for further help and guidance.

My idea is this…

We e-mail.

We have long conversations with countless forwards and responses, talking about whatever we feel the need to talk about. Of course it will stem from the ‘writing’ but I don’t think it should be confined to just that topic. It’s like a group message on the iPhone (which Val and I just experienced for the first time thanks to Rachel) but with an added sense of purpose. I’m hoping you will help me finish this book; this book which I fully intend to be the first book I have published. No more pussy-footing about. This has to happen.

I’ve started a new blog. It’s called ‘Woods End Cottage’ ( and it’s on WordPress, which is new to me but very exciting! There, I will be blogging about writing and the process behind it all. I’m also hoping that if you guys feel like you can help me through these e-mails, that the e-mails themselves might find their way into the blog; charting the progress of the book, and encapsulating a year in our lives in which we joined to create something.

That’s how long I’m giving myself; a year to complete this book…*

It is a year that holds change (from 2 decades to 3 being a big one!) and it sort of feels like the right time to get serious.

I’ve also seen a lovely idea on other blogs where those particular bloggers have had their years worth of blogs bound into a hardback book for re-reading sometime in the future. This may sound like sentimentality gone mad, and I think if I were to just bind my blog into a book so I can read what I wrote again and again would just be so terribly self absorbed!

But if you were to join me, it would somehow become less self absorbed… and more of a shared experience worth remembering… or would we all just be totally self absorbed? But self absorbed together!

That’s my idea. Sort of like a Bridget Jones’ Diary Three-way… that sounds so wrong…

From Val 10/1/13

Sounds fab hunny, count me in!Just signed up to follow the new blog, will have a read now!

From Alex 8/1/13 (via Twitter)

@inizia Bridget Jones’ Diary Three-way with @mikehonour and @valdoherty84 lool!

I think that means she’s in???

photo (5)

(If you don’t remember this photo being taken it’s because it wasn’t. It’s two pictures merged!)

*A countdown has been added to the blog; it just got serious.

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